Dogs with an active mind and sweet-tempered


There are various species of dogs found. Some are intelligent and sweet. The dog which we are talking about is a bull terrier. This dog is active by nature. They have a sweet temperament. The other names for this dog are English bull terrier, bully bull terrier, white cavalier terrier and so on. This dog is found in England. This type of dogs is not suitable much for the family. But some can be found in the home as a pet dog. They can survive in cool and damp climate. At the time of winter season, they require coat and sweaters as we humans do. This type of dogs is aggressive in nature when they see other dogs.



There are various characteristics of a bull terrier dog. This is mentioned below:-

  • This dog is extrovert in nature.
  • Their nature is friendly and courageous.
  • The have possive nature & is of the jealous type.
  • They are very aggressive in nature.
  • Then is nature is a mixture of active and sweet mind.


The appearance of the bull terrier is unique. They are shorter in size and dense in mind. They are in various colors like white, brindle, red, and black and so on. The height of this dog is nearly about 18 to 21 inches. The weight is about 20 to 29 kilogram. The lifespan of this dog is 10 to 14 years. They have a sharp head look like an egg shape, which is large in size. They basically have triangular eyes. The triangular eye is small, dark in color. No other dogs other than bull terrier have triangular eyes. They have a strong muscular shoulder. They have a round body. They are not so good for a pet animal. But instead of that, some people want this dog as a pet. They are active by nature so the training given to them should be high. They have an energetic fire within them. They can be found in the workplace.


This type of dog is healthy. But as we human also need doctors for a checkup. Similarly, they also can become unhealthy. The various health issues found in them are as follows:-

  • The main problems found in this type of dogs are kidney failure. From an early age, this type of problem is been seen in them. The name if this disease is hereditary nephritis.
  • They can also have a problem related to ears. Some white bull terrier dog can be deaf in one ear. But all puppies can be deaf in both ears. So they require special training for this.
  • Heart disease is also common in this type of dogs. They have a problem in heart structure and functioning of the heart.
  • Skin problems are also normal in this type of dog. They can be prone to rashes and irritation. They cause allergies by detergents or any other chemicals.


This tendency to look and take care of a dog should be very much necessary. You should always maintain decorum between you and a dog. The more you will treat and take care of dog the more you will succeed. The input you give that is the more you train the dog the more you will get the output.


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