Bull Terrier 101

As the name suggest, its half Bulldog and half Terrier. That’s exactly how it was bred originally. The mix-up was intended to breed one for the dog fights. Nevertheless, Bull Terriers weren’t good at being gladiators. They excelled better at rat hunting.

Bull Terrier behaves like a 3 year old child. It exhibits behavior that’s very similar to Boxer dogs. They are suckers for entertainment. Their clownish antics draw fans in huge numbers. Theodor Roosevelt had one of these.

Brief History of Bull Terrier

They were originally bred in England in the 19th century. By 1850, England had its first white bull terrier, which became more fashionable. A cross between the new Bull Terrier and the old one, plus other breeds such as Dalmatians and Staffordshire resulted in the sleeker dogs we see now. Today you have these dogs in a variety of colors – white, red, fawn, brindle, tricolor and black brindle.

Appearance and behavior

You can identify them instantly from their egg shaped head. The head slopes sleekly to a Roman nose. The skull has no indentations in the dorsal ventral nose band. It should explain the rounded and sloped shape of the head.

Their triangular eye is pretty much unique. Bull Terriers would be the only recognized breed to have them. By no means is it a big dog. They stand no more than 2 foot. They weigh in the range of 45 – 50 pounds. It is a muscular dog, which has muscles for every pound.

They have such charisma and make superb companion dogs. Still, they are a highly active breed. They cannot do without rigorous exercise. Make sure you can provide with it. Terriers require some accessible space, even if you live in apartments.

Bull Terriers seldom bark. They do not bark without a reason. When they bark, pay attention. They love playing with toys. They long for outdoor activities. They crave very little attention, when they are having fun. Like we mentioned earlier, they are nothing more than 3 year old kid.

Health concerns

You need to have them checked for deafness. They also suffer from slipping knee caps. They are prone to heart and kidney problems. To make the list real lengthy, they can get skin allergies, epilepsy and OCD. When you see them excessively chasing their tails, it’s not cute. It’s their OCD. You need to frequent vet to prevent possible health issues.

Easy grooming

Thanks to their short coat they only require occasional brushing. These are smart dogs and training them is as easy as 1-2-3. They get attached to their owners and do well in active older families. They love the companionship and supervision. Their personality is too strong for kids. In any home, the Bull Terrier is the kid.

Popular Culture

Bull Terrier has enjoyed lot of media attention. Bull Terrier played a major role in Frankenweenie (2012). Toy story has Scud, a Bull Terrier. England’s princess Anne has a couple of them. Their comic looks and behavior gets them into comics, cartoons and movies.


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