Everything You Need to Know About Bull Terriers

Nowadays, there is much craze of adopting dogs and give them a safe life. Accordingly, people are making a strong relationship with many breed dogs. Somehow Bull Terriers is one of them. They are popular because of their skills and profile. If we talk about their temperament with no doubt, such energetic and booster makes them an excellent.

Bull Terriers are the only dog who have triangular eyes. They are also known for an English Bully. They are basically originated from England. If we talk about their physic then no doubt they are most attractive and unique among all. Such strong breed is responsible for paying attention to them. Hence they are mostly found in white and a mixture of black and white. Generally, Bull Terriers have recognizable feature whether it is their behavior or their body shape.

What about uniqueness?

Most of the times such breed play an important role. Hence, numerous are the points which we will discuss about Bull Terriers. Below are some of them

  • Popularity: the first and foremost advantage of Bull Terriers is that they are popular among all breed. It is because of their qualities and features. That’s why people used to consider them and make in use effectively. If you are the owner, then you surely know the role of such breed in life. Here if anyone is willing to consider them then make sure you are choosing the right option.
  • Healthiness: There is no denying the fact that due to their heavy eating habits, health is of the best feature of them. Due to such things people used to make them adopt and give them healthy nutrition. All we know that what the role of diet in their survival is. As a result, if proper nutrition will be given then make sure they will give you a better response in an effective manner. So there is a best option.
  • Strong breed: Bull Terriers are one of the strongest breeds. It is possible just because of their heavy muscles and teeth. They used to bark whenever there is any wrong with them. That’s why their excellent feature makes them popular.
  • Life span: According to the scientific research their span about 12-15 years. It is responsible for living a proper and in a well defined way. Here it includes many usual things to know. With the help of knowledge about it, make sure you will choose the best one. It’s best to know if you have a purebred or a mixed breed. The best dog dna tests can easily tell you what breed your dog is.
  • Temperament and trained: All the time, it seems that their energy and temperament make them excellent all the time. These are the components and aspects which makes them all necessary to give concern.

However, if you are looking the best possible way then make sure to focus on the above points. They might be possible to tell you all the necessary information about them. Accordingly, if you are looking for Bull Terriers dog with no doubt, you are choosing a good option. Click here to read more about the best dog products for bull terriers.

Dogs with an active mind and sweet-tempered


There are various species of dogs found. Some are intelligent and sweet. The dog which we are talking about is a bull terrier. This dog is active by nature. They have a sweet temperament. The other names for this dog are English bull terrier, bully bull terrier, white cavalier terrier and so on. This dog is found in England. This type of dogs is not suitable much for the family. But some can be found in the home as a pet dog. They can survive in cool and damp climate. At the time of winter season, they require coat and sweaters as we humans do. This type of dogs is aggressive in nature when they see other dogs.



There are various characteristics of a bull terrier dog. This is mentioned below:-

  • This dog is extrovert in nature.
  • Their nature is friendly and courageous.
  • The have possive nature & is of the jealous type.
  • They are very aggressive in nature.
  • Then is nature is a mixture of active and sweet mind.


The appearance of the bull terrier is unique. They are shorter in size and dense in mind. They are in various colors like white, brindle, red, and black and so on. The height of this dog is nearly about 18 to 21 inches. The weight is about 20 to 29 kilogram. The lifespan of this dog is 10 to 14 years. They have a sharp head look like an egg shape, which is large in size. They basically have triangular eyes. The triangular eye is small, dark in color. No other dogs other than bull terrier have triangular eyes. They have a strong muscular shoulder. They have a round body. They are not so good for a pet animal. But instead of that, some people want this dog as a pet. They are active by nature so the training given to them should be high. They have an energetic fire within them. They can be found in the workplace.


This type of dog is healthy. But as we human also need doctors for a checkup. Similarly, they also can become unhealthy. The various health issues found in them are as follows:-

  • The main problems found in this type of dogs are kidney failure. From an early age, this type of problem is been seen in them. The name if this disease is hereditary nephritis.
  • They can also have a problem related to ears. Some white bull terrier dog can be deaf in one ear. But all puppies can be deaf in both ears. So they require special training for this.
  • Heart disease is also common in this type of dogs. They have a problem in heart structure and functioning of the heart.
  • Skin problems are also normal in this type of dog. They can be prone to rashes and irritation. They cause allergies by detergents or any other chemicals.


This tendency to look and take care of a dog should be very much necessary. You should always maintain decorum between you and a dog. The more you will treat and take care of dog the more you will succeed. The input you give that is the more you train the dog the more you will get the output.

Useful Information about Bull Terrier

The bull terrier is a breed with unique nature. It is generally a mixture quality of miniature bull terrier. They are also called The White Cavalier Wedge Head. Accordingly, if we talk about their weight and height male are 25-29 kg and46-56 cm. Likewise, the female breed is 20-25 kg and 46-56 cm. They look medium in size. Due to their intense temperament, people call them an excellent of all. That’s why they are much popular.

The bull terrier has many features; means shark head shaped front side. Similarly the different and unique triangular eyes with no doubt they are one who has such features. Here if you are looking to gain more knowledge about such a breed, then you have to follow this post in very effective manner.

Role and Importance

Most of the time bull terrier dogs play an important role for every human being. Whenever a person adopts such breed, then they find various features and qualities. Below are some basic aspects which are concerned with them.

  • Disciplined: There will be no any doubt that bull terrier breed is one of the disciplined among all. It means they use to follow all those commands which make them excellent all the time. It includes their routine meal, exercise and much more. Most of the time bull terrier plays an important role in finding all the suitability in an effective manner. That’s why people used to make a strong relationship with them.
  • Health maintenance: According to scientific research, it shows that bull terrier dogs want much health maintenance. It means the whenever we used to adopt them as it is all our duty to take care of them with the help of proper nutrition, regular exercise, and useful habits which makes them healthy and strong.
  • Unique features: There are lots of unique features which might be responsible for giving them extra ranking. It generally means from their extraordinary mouth shape. Due to their triangle eyes, it looks so impressive. Here we all know that such distinctive features are helpful to make concern with them.
  • Loyal and lovable: There is no any denying the fact that bull terrier breed is much loveable as well as faithful and loyal. All these things might be responsible for giving concern. Most of the times people are willing to know all about their features. If you make concern with such post, you will find well-defined answer.
  • Quality of fighting: They have a good quality of fighting. It means people use to hire them when they want to make a fight with another. It is all possible due to their strong breed and muscular body. That is all the reason behind of their excellence.

Here, Bull terrier is becoming much popular just because of their qualities feature. These above mentioned points may respond to tell you about all the nature and features with effective manner. It makes responsible for paying attention to them.

What to know about the bull terrier?

Are you the one who wants to buy a bull terrier? Have you ever heard about them? Do you know that what kind of dogs they actually are? If you are planning to buy the bull terrier, then it is obvious that you must know about them. Before buying any pet and their breed, you must get enough knowledge about them so that you can find the best animal according to your circumstances. If you pick up any dog without having knowledge about it, then it will end up with returning them back.

The bull terriers are very much popular dogs, and there are many things you should know about them. Before buying you should read the post because here you will find the best for them. Here are some of the facts given below about the bull terriers so if you are interested in them then go for it and read it.


There are many things which you should know about the bull terriers. Some of the facts are given below which is enough for you to decide that either you should buy them or not. Those facts are:-

They are bred for fighting

Yes, it is a truth that these dogs are bred for fighting. They are fighters and full of aggression also. The name also shows that they are ready to fight. They are having very much agility and spirit which will allow them to fight in any condition. This bull terrier breed is also known as with another name also which is canine gladiators. Most of the people who used to buy them have only one purpose that they want to prepare them for a fight.

OCD is common in this breed

These dogs have a personality disorder problem. Most of the bull terriers have OCD in them which is not a good sign to buy them for home as a domestic pet. You cannot estimate that when they get angry or when they need something that is why you should not choose for a domestic pet.

Hard in hearing

There are some of the dogs in this breed who has the problem of hearing. It is hard for them to hear that is why it is hard to train them also. You have to use the signs mostly to call them up or for giving them any command. It has believed that deafness is common in this breed.

Essential things to know while buying products

If you are the one who is having a dog in as their pet, then make sure that you treat them as your family member. There is one thing which is essential to consider when you go to buy any dog product which is to buy the best products for them. They are also living creature and a part of your family that is why you should buy the best products for them.

So hope that when you buy the bull terrier, then you will do the job by knowing the facts about them which are shown above and then come to one best decision.

Bull Terrier 101

As the name suggest, its half Bulldog and half Terrier. That’s exactly how it was bred originally. The mix-up was intended to breed one for the dog fights. Nevertheless, Bull Terriers weren’t good at being gladiators. They excelled better at rat hunting.

Bull Terrier behaves like a 3 year old child. It exhibits behavior that’s very similar to Boxer dogs. They are suckers for entertainment. Their clownish antics draw fans in huge numbers. Theodor Roosevelt had one of these.

Brief History of Bull Terrier

They were originally bred in England in the 19th century. By 1850, England had its first white bull terrier, which became more fashionable. A cross between the new Bull Terrier and the old one, plus other breeds such as Dalmatians and Staffordshire resulted in the sleeker dogs we see now. Today you have these dogs in a variety of colors – white, red, fawn, brindle, tricolor and black brindle.

Appearance and behavior

You can identify them instantly from their egg shaped head. The head slopes sleekly to a Roman nose. The skull has no indentations in the dorsal ventral nose band. It should explain the rounded and sloped shape of the head.

Their triangular eye is pretty much unique. Bull Terriers would be the only recognized breed to have them. By no means is it a big dog. They stand no more than 2 foot. They weigh in the range of 45 – 50 pounds. It is a muscular dog, which has muscles for every pound.

They have such charisma and make superb companion dogs. Still, they are a highly active breed. They cannot do without rigorous exercise. Make sure you can provide with it. Terriers require some accessible space, even if you live in apartments.

Bull Terriers seldom bark. They do not bark without a reason. When they bark, pay attention. They love playing with toys. They long for outdoor activities. They crave very little attention, when they are having fun. Like we mentioned earlier, they are nothing more than 3 year old kid.

Health concerns

You need to have them checked for deafness. They also suffer from slipping knee caps. They are prone to heart and kidney problems. To make the list real lengthy, they can get skin allergies, epilepsy and OCD. When you see them excessively chasing their tails, it’s not cute. It’s their OCD. You need to frequent vet to prevent possible health issues.

Easy grooming

Thanks to their short coat they only require occasional brushing. These are smart dogs and training them is as easy as 1-2-3. They get attached to their owners and do well in active older families. They love the companionship and supervision. Their personality is too strong for kids. In any home, the Bull Terrier is the kid.

Popular Culture

Bull Terrier has enjoyed lot of media attention. Bull Terrier played a major role in Frankenweenie (2012). Toy story has Scud, a Bull Terrier. England’s princess Anne has a couple of them. Their comic looks and behavior gets them into comics, cartoons and movies.


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